Booyas Burrito Beach

 “Have you had your BooYa’s today?”

It all started in Tallahassee, Florida in 1988.  That’s when the owner, Jay Kupiszewski, worked at a start-up restaurant…Scales & Tales (still open).  This is where Jay got the restaurant “Bug”.  He saw first hand, how a dream could become reality and successful.  The only problem was that Jay owed Uncle Sam a little bit of time…9 years in the Air Force.  After his active duty commitment was completed he was torn between re-upping for another 7 years, following his restaurant dreams or getting an airline job…he went the conservative route, and got the airline job while staying in the Military by joining the Air Force Reserves, where he still proudly serves.  When the airline career lost it’s glamour and he lost his ability to pass an FAA physical he figured it was time to give his dream a shot…BooYa’s was born.  Jay and his wife, Kim, opened BooYa’s on August 21, 2006.  BooYa’s opened to rave reviews… “They have reinvented the old burrito joint concept and captured an untapped niche”. 

BooYa’s the concept:  BooYa’s is a fast-casual restaurant…“Fast-food” in pace and price, “casual” in atmosphere and quality of food.   “We are a niche somewhere between Tex-Mex & Caribbean”.  BooYa’s offers all freshly prepared fairs, custom made right in front of your eyes.  Included is up to 7 homemade salsas at the salsa bar and over 20 hot sauces at the hot sauce bar. Some of our unique items are; The Buffalo Chicken filling/topping, The Beach (seafood) Burrito, the Mango Pie, our outstanding Chicken Ranchero and of course, the Grilled or Fried Fish Taco’s. We also have a choice of Tortilla’s; Garlic & Herb, Spinach, Tomato Basil, Whole Wheat or Flour.  Our Burritos and Tacos come with our perfectly seasoned chips and salsa.  For a measly buck you can add our World famous “Chili-Con-Queso” to your order, (cheese dip for all of you Gringos).

The Guarantee:  If you are not 100% happy with your meal we will replace it on the spot…if you are still not happy…yup…money back Bro!  Of course you can’t eat all but a tiny little bite of our enormous Burrito and try and tell us you hated it and then “get one to go”…we know that trick!!!

News: Check out the Commercial Appeal article, highlighting owner, Jay & BooYas!

Phone: 901-854-9466
Fax: 901-854-9465
954 W Poplar Ave
Collierville, TN 38017

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